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Hello and welcome to my website. In the last few months my latest novel The Brave has been published in many different countries and the response from readers and critics has been really heartening. Probably the best reviews I’ve ever had. Despite the restrictions imposed by having to be hooked up to a dialysis machine for five hours every other day, I managed to travel to the United States, Italy and the Netherlands to promote the book. It was a little exhausting but a lot of fun. The Brave is just out in paperback in the UK (where I live) and will be published in paperback in the US in November.

Apart from all the travel, the last six months have been pretty eventful. Over the past three years, since that fateful day when my wife and I ate those poisonous mushrooms in Scotland and thus wiped out our kidneys, I have had the most wonderful support from friends and family. Six people offered to give me one of their kidneys. Unfortunately, after tests, none of them proved a good enough match. My grown-up children all offered too but, although the statistics show there is only a minimal risk to the donor (from general anesthetic) and that you can live perfectly healthily with just one kidney, the instinct to protect your children from all possible risk is very potent. Even learning that there is evidence that donors tend to live longer than non-donors, wasn’t enough to overcome my qualms.

To cut a long story (and much agonizing) short, my daughter went and got herself tested and turned out to be an almost perfect match. Appropriately, on the Fourth of July, we went into the Hammersmith Hospital in London and had the operation. Nobody has yet invented the words that can adequately describe my gratitude for this extraordinary gift. She has given me back my life. Now, five weeks later, we are both doing well. Thank you for the many kind messages of support that you have sent over the last three years. They have meant a lot to me.

The Horse Whisperer - UK Paperback EditionBack to business: To tie in with publication of The Brave in paperback, my UK publishers have released new editions of all my books, featuring new covers –including a new look for The Horse Whisperer.

More to come soon.

With all best wishes,

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