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The Horse Whisperer (25th Anniversary)

The Horse Whisperer (25th Anniversary Edition)

The phenomenal number one bestseller, which sold over 10-million copies and was made into a classic film starring Robert Redford and Scarlett Johansson. This stunning 25th anniversary edition features exclusive new content from Nicholas Evans.

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The Brave by Nicholas Evans The Brave (UK) Paperback by Nicholas Evans

The Brave

There’s little love in eight-year-old Tom Bedford’s life. His parents are old and remote and the boarding school they’ve sent him to bristles with bullies and sadistic staff. The only comfort he gets is from his fantasy world of Cowboys and Indians. But when his sister Diane, a rising star of stage and screen, falls in love with one of his idols, the suave TV cowboy Ray Montane, Tom’s life is transformed. They move to Hollywood and all his dreams seem to have come true. Soon, however, the sinister side of Tinseltown casts its shadow and a shocking act of violence changes their lives forever…

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The Divide by Nicholas Evans

The Divide

A young woman’s body is found embedded in the ice of a remote mountain creek. Abbie Cooper has been missing for many months, wanted for murder. How did she die? And what was the trail of events that led this golden child of a loving family so tragically astray?

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The Loop by Nicholas Evans

The Loop

Wolves return to a Montana valley, rekindling ancient hatred and conflict. Wolf biologist, Helen Ross, is sent to monitor and protect them and starts a dangerous affair with with the son of her most bitter opponent, brutal and philandering rancher Buck Calder.

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The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans

The Smoke Jumper

Montana photographer, Connor Ford and his best friend, Ed Tully, spend their summers ‘smoke jumping’- parachuting in to fight forest fires. Then Connor falls in love with Ed’s new girlfriend and their destinies are changed forever by a tragic mountain blaze.

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The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans

The Horse Whisperer

When New York teenager Grace McLean and her horse Pilgrim are horribly injured in a riding accident, her mother Annie’s comfortable life is shattered. She hauls Grace and Pilgrim across America to see ‘horse whisperer’ Tom Booker who will utterly transform all of their lives.

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